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23 Gorgeous Kitchen Design Ideas You Will Want to Steal

Can your kitchen make you feel happy cooking and dining?

If not, maybe it is not a matter of food.

Have you considered the importance of kitchen design? The kitchen is one of the most important areas of family life. In life, the quality of the kitchen design determines the comfort of cooking and dining.

Many people may ignore the design of the kitchen or don't know how to perfect the design of the kitchen. Whether you're living at home for years or just getting a new home key, ENUOTEK offers some great tips for updating any kitchen.

1.  Great colors make an ordinary kitchen extraordinary

Source: minimalisti.com

The pale lime green floor cabinets and interiors of the wall cabinets of this kitchen make it eye-catching. The beauty of the glassware and drinkware within make it even more so. 

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPaBE9

Light-colored cabinets with solid wood and fresh blue make the look comfortable and sophisticated.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPS7jo


The tone of the dark color is very elegant and connotative.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPSbLc


Sometimes adding yellow color to your kitchen is also a good choice.

2. The new trend of the open kitchen

Now we find that there are more and more open kitchens. People are no longer confined to a person who stays alone in the kitchen for a busy meal. Many times, when people are cooking, the family stays together, next to the restaurant.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPSIsX

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPSaTb

To be honest, the open kitchen will be more high-end.

Although many people like open kitchens, they are worried about fumes when cooking.

The current kitchen appliances are very powerful, have all kinds of high-power range hoods, the problem of soot will no longer be a problem to be worried.

3. Design your delicate cabinets

The cabinets occupy a large part of the kitchen, and the nice cabinet design sets the tone for the kitchen atmosphere.

Source: TheSunnySideupBlog.com


The white cabinet design will make people feel simple and generous.



Dark grey lacquered cabinetry and backsplash, gold hardware adds a touch of glamour to space, make the compact kitchen still exquisite and gorgeous.

4. Pick a pendant light to illuminate your food

The right person can use the pendant light to make the finishing touch of the kitchen decoration. A beautiful pendant light can be used not only as basic lighting but also as an ornament.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPSYMG

This is the Retro style hanging pendant lamp. If you are interested in this products, please click here to know more details.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPSdQ5

If your kitchen is a multi-purpose kitchen, then the lighting you need should have enough lumens to be used as a practical workstation.

Choose a lamp that acts as both a task light and allows people to sit together to talk, make a versatile space that works well.

5. Suspended shelves to solve storage problems

The storage function of the kitchen is a must, so where are so many things placed? Set up open shelves to solve your item placement problems. Place some ledges on the sink to stack the cutlery. Replace the cabinet with a floating shelf to make the kitchen look bigger and brighter.

Source:  homezenith.com


Hefty Shelving Accentuates the Strength of Classic Cabinetry. The open shelves above the sink are robust enough to hold stacks of dinner plates, glass and metal canisters, and a microwave.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPoh96


This kind of suspended placement can save a lot of space, and the classification is also convenient to take.

6. Confirm the style of the floor

Different colors and materials on the floor have different effects. The good floor can bring you a visual feast.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPoLRi

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPocP0

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPoiDN

7. Improve the design of the stove

Many people will ignore the stove when designing, but when you see a delicate and beautiful stove, the mood for cooking will get better. The importance of the stove is self-evident. 



It's nestled against a backdrop of gorgeous marble counters, hood, backsplash, and shelving. The slate gray painted cabinets help soften the contrast between the bright white stone surfaces and the deep black-and-gold stove.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPoO4y


The integration of the cooktop and the environment is extremely important. The combination of pure white cabinets and silver cooktops will make the look very harmonious and comfortable.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPKsVn


Compared to ordinary silver-gray, the delicate black-gold stove can make people shine.

8. Show off the strength of rich woodwork

The use of wood products can make the whole kitchen a natural atmosphere. Light woodwork creates a rustic atmosphere, while dark woods reflect an elegant temperament.

Source:  melissarufty.com

The widespread use of wood products will make the kitchen more quaint as if surrounded by nature. It will definitely make people feel good when cooking.


Source: skiesofparchment.com

The wooden countertops above the white cabinets make the overall look more textured. 

Source: decoholic.org


Weathered wood can be made that way intentionally or can be repurposed wood from old factories, warehouses, barns or railroads. The sky-high ceiling of this kitchen is kept from being a bit too lofty with rafters that seem made of pickled logs. Their weathered look is repeated in the cabinets, the kitchen island and its stools, the door, and window frames and even the lamp bases.


9. Operation space extension - island design

Place an island to extend the operating space and serve as a bar for dining breaks.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRP9Gkf


Larger kitchens can be set up with larger islands, and the look will be more advanced.


When the kitchen space is small, you can set up a peninsula.

10. Cabinet lights illuminate the dark corner

Cabinet lights can illuminate the kitchen's corners, which is more conducive to kitchen cooking. Remember, you should be lighting your cabinetry, shelves, and countertops, not the floor. Of course, we have to choose high-quality cabinet lights, otherwise it is very distressing to suddenly turn off the lights when cooking.

Manually sensed cabinet lights don't require manual touch, they can help you quickly and easily light your countertop when cooking in the kitchen.

11. Restaurant integration - picking the dining table

If the restaurant kitchen is integrated or the kitchen is large, you can buy a dining table.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPCXbd


The rectangular table is suitable for a home with a relatively comfortable kitchen. It is a beautiful and practical choice, the appearance is simple, can adapt to any style of kitchen. The table area is large enough, generally, more than enough for a family of three can also be used for work. No violation, you can use more than one table. People usually sit quietly and work together, chatting occasionally, how happy the picture is.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPCpLB


The round table has a beautiful meaning of family reunion. The round table has no edges and corners. "Equality" and "freedom" are the essence of the round table culture. The atmosphere of sitting around makes people more intimate. According to the number of people at home, you can choose a large round table or a medium round table.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPCTsU


If the kitchen is small, you don't want to take up space, you can buy a folding table.

12. Decorate the kitchen with suitable curtains

Chic curtains allow you to filter the right amount of light and also as a decorative item.


Gingham says “country” to a lot of people, and these simple red and white curtains bring notes of cheer to a kitchen with an otherwise subtle color scheme. Wreaths of herbs tied with red and white striped bows in the window add to the festiveness of the room, as do pops of brightness from golden knobs and cup pulls.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPCePA

The design of the leaf curtains echoes the position of the bed and adds vitality to the kitchen.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPNa5H

Sometimes white curtains are a good choice, making your kitchen look elegant and warm.

13. The roof design adds the extra highlight

A kitchen that pursues perfect design, the roof is also an important part of the decoration. Excellent roof decoration can improve the design atmosphere of the entire kitchen to improve the score.

Source: brandisawyer.com


Tin Ceiling + Heavy Wood = Unique Atmosphere. Tin ceilings used to be the rage back in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, for they could be delicately beautiful and not very expensive.

Source: myhouseidea.tumblr.com

A Hefty Island Resonates with these Dominant Ceiling.Weather-beaten roof trusses are the first thing a guest notices in this dramatic kitchen. The kitchen island and its stools match the color of these massive pieces of wood, while the hanging lights with gray metal shades, metal pot rack with gleaming pots, metal stove vent hood, and glossy gray backsplash give the kitchen an industrial feel.

14. Add a small blackboard

A chalkboard makes drawing up shopping and to-do lists easy.

Source: interioridea.net


The blackboard adds a unique style to the log cabin country kitchen. Hey! Blackboard blends perfectly with rough stone countertops, equally rough floor cabinets and simple black metal chandeliers.

15. Spread the exquisite carpet

Good looking carpet adds extra points to the comfort of the kitchen. High-quality carpets make your eyes and feet comfortable.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPNYIU

16. Add highlights with appropriate decorations

The embellishment of the plant makes the whole restaurant look more lively. The embellishment of delicate decorations can make the whole restaurant more advanced.

17. Add a stool to your kitchen

The kitchen also needs to have a rest stool. Some kitchen and dining rooms are integrated and need dining chairs. The stool can add a little touch to the kitchen. Bamboo stools, color stools, metal stools, etc. all have different small charms.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPpAGk

18. Space-saving artifacts - hidden containers

Hidden containers provide you with more storage space and are more aesthetically pleasing.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPpKPM

19.Configure the pot rack/knife holder

If you are a foodie who is always in the kitchen, be sure to arrange a convenient and beautiful shelf for your pots, knives, etc., so that your cookware can grab the limelight.

Source: http://whyhomebitly.ga/

20. Buy the exquisite plate

An exquisite plate collection makes the kitchen more personal.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPQhRC

21. Your essential electrical appliances – refrigerator

The refrigerator is a must-have for the kitchen, but the huge refrigerator often takes up a lot of space. You can choose a small, sophisticated refrigerator in the corner, or choose an embedded refrigerator to save your space, and it will look more beautiful.

Source: http://blog.evamota.com.br/

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPQ9Ha


Colorful refrigerators are also a good choice, more eye-catching than white, silver refrigerators.

22. Choose a wall painted in color

The traditional view is that pale colors reflect light and make space feel bigger, which is, of course, a safe practice. But don't be afraid to go to the dark. Dark tones such as black, navy, blue, green, charcoal and chocolate are also good choices.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPQujU

Source: http://t.cn/AiRPQgeE

23. The faucet can also be different

Perhaps the faucet is an inconspicuous part of the kitchen area, but if you are looking for perfection, you also need to have a sophisticated faucet for your kitchen. The combination of the faucet with the wall and the sink will add an extra highlight to the design.

Source: http://t.cn/AiRP82Wc

Today, the kitchen is no longer a neglected greasy and messy place. People who like food are paying more and more attention to kitchen design. A good kitchen allows people to cook and eat happily, and the kitchen design is becoming more and more attractive. I hope that the above 23 design inspirations can help you to perfect the kitchen design, making cooking and dining more comfortable and happy.

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